Yufuin: Oita's Onsen Town

View of Yufuin in Oita from the roadside

If you're looking to find a perfect little Japanese onsen (hot springs) getaway in Kyushu, Yufuin is your place. Unlike Beppu, a city, Yufuin is a small town tucked nearby some mountains and surrounded by the nature of Oita prefecture.

Green mountains near Yufuin, Oita

We stayed at Yawaragi-no-Sato Yadoya, nothing extraordinarily fancy but just right in terms of what you get for the price. It's near the main street area, yet just off it for some peace and quiet. Included along with the room was some private onsen time where you can relax in an outdoor onsen without dealing with random strangers, and a yakiniku dinner at Yadoya's Bungo Tei (see below) featuring bungogyu beef - the local Oita wagyu. Getting to spend time in an onsen alone while being surrounded by peace and quiet (versus other men!) was nothing short of relaxing. And the bungogyu beef after? Amongst the best wagyu beef I've had in Japan.

One of the private onsens at Yadoya for guests.

Taking a walk around Yufin town adds to the getaway experience. There's a lot of shops selling Japanese goods, local specialties, as well as desserts and homemade confectionaries.

A bridge near Lake Kinrin.

A bridge near Lake Kinrin.

Lake Kinrin.

Lake Kinrin.


Bungo Tei

Some of the best meals in Japan are when wagyu beef is involved. Bungo Tei serves melt-in-your-mouth, local "bungygyu" wagyu along with a variety of Japanese dishes. Definitely check it out if you're in town.


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