Innsbruck, Austria

Inn river, taken from the  Innbrücke bridge .

Inn river, taken from the Innbrücke bridge.

I got to check out Innsbruck for half a day while on a tour around Europe with some friends through Contiki in 2010. At that time, Austria wasn't really on my radar of places I wanted to see, but it definitely got my attention on this stop.

The central part of Innsbruck is very quint and walkable. We were blessed with some really good weather, so we headed to the Inn river. At that time, I had already been to Switzerland (in 2004) and was blown away by its nature. The view from this river rivaled some of the Swiss sights. Absolute gorgeous light blue water and amazing mountains around it. 

Mountains in Innsbruck, Austria

We walked through the town and checked out some random shops. The most notable one was Swarovski, the Austrian crystal jewelry brand. They had a big location here, one that might tempt jewelry lovers a bit too much.

Innsbruck, Austria
Innsbruck, Austria
Mountains near Innsbruck, Austria

Altstadt Magic Kebab

Huge pizzas and kebabs. While it wasn't exactly what I expected to eat on a trip to Innsbruck, but these didn't disappoint. There are seats in a courtyard inside as well as outside of the shop, near the Inn river.
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Eating at McDonalds in every country I visit is a religious thing that I do when I travel, and I can honestly say that the McDonalds here is one of the best that I've had. There's a lot of variety and special menus galore, to the point where it was hard to choose what exactly to order. Definitely try their round fries (similar to curly fries) with sour cream dip, I haven't come across another McDonalds with that anywhere..